Relationship work and judgments that are true about me

Hi Brooke,
I need to return to May’s homework because I didn’t complete it last month and I’m so angry with my ex-husband. So I’m starting on week one with him. You ask us to circle the judgments that we’ve made about someone that are also true about ourselves. I’m having trouble seeing those same traits in myself.

“I hate how smug and distant R. is in our conversations about our daugher’s mental illness” I go out of my way to be friendly and open with him.
“I hate how I’ve carried the burden of taking the kids to all of their many appointments over the past 3 years because R. works too far away to take them during the week” This is a fact.
“I think he is lazy and immature” My daughter complains about this because his house is a pigsty, he never remembers important things like appointments, key paperwork.
Anyway, I could go on and on (obviously). Help!