Hi Brooke, first off is it normal to bring doing a bunch of different models at the same time on different things? Such as money, self esteem, relationships etc?

One of the models I am working on is around my mom. She is a unique person. I think due to some childhood issues and her own thoughts, it leads her to acting the way she does. I want to work on changing my thoughts around her. I’ve let my thoughts about her inhibit me for a long time.
C- Mom Talks
T- My mother talks excessively and at times about the same thing over and over again.
F- Annoyed
A- Move to another room to not listen to her talk
R- She notices and then talks more or apologizes for annoying me.

Other Model:
C- Mother
T- Because she is who she is, I’m going to turn out the same way.
F- Fear
A- Try to not be like her at all. Go to counseling to get help about her.
R- Still struggle with my thoughts about her and about who I am.

These thoughts have been following me for wayyy to long.