Dear Brooke & team,
I was feeling like I’m stuck with relationships for last three months, always coming back to them regardless of what the theme of the month was. There were so many aha-moments and great concepts you offered, and in theory they seemed to be perfect, I could fully agree on them. But in every day life I couldn’t make some progress intil I found a thought which I would like to discuss with you.
I found it difficult to love a person who did a nasty thing to me. The only place where I was able to find the last piece of mercy was that he is still a human and we allow humans in our civilisation to live 🙂 Until I thought perhaps it would be possible and helpful to divide a person and that person’s deeds. Then it would be easier to love a person unconditionally (no mater what they do), and I only have to decide what am I going to make it mean and what to do about that person’s deeds which I didn’t want.
Could this work?
Many thanks and best wishes,