Relationships – being treated differently

I’m in the Study Vault reading the Relationship workbook. Please help me understand this:

“How is it possible that not everyone has these same exact thoughts about her? They are absolutely true.
Why isn’t everyone who knows her in love with her the way I am?
Think about it. Someone else can know Erika and have a completely different relationship with her. Why? She hasn’t changed”

I’m working on my relationship with my mom. She treats me and my husband differently. We will tell her the exact same thing, and she will respond with kindness to him, and anger with me. I have tried being careful about my tone, word choice and timing to be sensitive to her. She is different. My husband, who has always been neutral in his feelings about my mom has noticed this as well. She has a short leash with me but patience for others. I feel her lack of patience with me is because she is still mad about the way I treated her as a teenager (over 20 years ago), which I have apologized many times for and she continues to bring up.

I know relationships are built on thoughts, but her behavior is different with different people.