relationships day 1

hi coaches

so i did my day one
and i put all of my negative thoughts about my bf on the sheet:
he’s lazy
he’s procastinator
he’s emberassing when he talks so strange and exagerating
when he’s mad his aggressiv and loud and sarcastic
he exaggerates lots of small stuff
he doens’t go all in
he’s an overthinker
he does things he doesn’t want to do and then complains
he has this really bad panik attacks over shitty small things

i have to say i don’t have many of those things in common
expect i’m also aggressiv when i’m mad or i have small panick attacks with things.
i’m not lazy i go all in.
i don’t complain i do the things.

so i’m asking you what this is all about. what should i have learned from it?

i also had just a fight with him
i reached my goal for my charity project and he offered to a picture with all the names of the donors.
and now he complains because it takes up too much time. like litterally complain for 30minutes. screaming.
i left the room like brooke said. but then i went back because he calmed himself and then it started again and i freaked out. i screamed at him and told him what a bad and disgusting person he is just like his mother.
when i’m angry i can’t get a hold of myself and i let it all out. to hurt him as much as i can.
i later than regret it but in the moment it feels like a drug.

can you help me with this?

thank you so much!