Relationships of Control

I’ve created relationships in my life where I give up control, constantly putting myself in those situations. I want to get into a mindset where I don’t do that.

I choose ahead of time. I am conscious of the pattern of why I am choosing it. It started with my mother, then it went to my husbands and it had even become part of a daughter with autism journey. Why do I want to give up control? Do I want to be a victim of my circumstances? Absolutely no?

It is an unconscious pattern. It happens at my last mile. Out of tirednesses. When the enemy wears me down. When my fortification is low. My boundaries are not strong. How do I build against it? What can I do to build strong ammunition to gear up and keep my power strong against someone coming in and taking me away from my power, my GROUNDING, my center, my core.

What replays in scholars have specifically discussed this topic? Has any question in ask a coach ever mentioned “power” and the idea of being “grounded” searching the vault leads me to courses on “confidence” but I want more things on “meditation” what life school coaches do you recommend that are doing this type of curriculum?


C: My power

T: I give away my power

A: I can choose to give it or not

R: when I do I feel low