Relationships with others vs myself

Loving this month. Wasn’t sure at to expect and it’s been really interesting to examine my views and beliefs in this area.

Firstly, my husband and I have a very equal relationship in the way we show up and contribute. We let each other be who we are and therefore never argue and rarely get frustrated or upset – because everything is honest, accepting and open for discussion. It’s so great.

I have some lovely personal relationships and as an introvert I have learned to be discerning and choose who I spent my time with. This required me to quit people pleasing and choosing to feel resentful and blaming others. Hard lesson but a sweet victory.

Now, reflecting on this, I’m curious about is relationship with self – is this an essential precursor to happy relationships with others?

For example, my friend’s husband has “medication-resistant depression” and she feels he can’t love her, because he doesn’t love himself.

Is that true?

I spent many years in my past feeling unloved and wonder how much that affected both my ability to show up in relationships, and my feelings and projections about others. I spent way too many years feeling frustrated!

As I type, I think I’m answering my own question…but would be interested in your thoughts.