Relationships with someone not in your life anymore.

I had a long term, that I believed was a good, relationship with my partner Then she “fell off the edge” into alcoholism and suicide attempts. I was very supportive and loving through that process. But she ended up leaving very abruptly and painfully. Not what I wanted. I went from a large percentage of my life being centered around supporting her to NO contact at all in the matter of 24 hrs. The grief was very intense and it felt very much like a sudden death. I continue to have no contact with her and don’t know anything about her health.
Listening to a past call about relationships, one of the coaches , whose name I can’t remember, spoke to still having relationships with those that have died or left your life completely. I immediately felt hopeful/ excited. But then started to question and worry about the thought of that. I have done a lot of therapy and coaching around this loss and would have a relationship ( my own) be detrimental to my mental health and recovery? I don’t want to spend my energy with too many thoughts about her. It can be easy for me to slip into rumination and regret thoughts.