During discussions around buffering it often comes out that we want to eat/drink/watch netflix because we want to feel relaxed. I also tend to do this on a regular basis, because as I do intellectual work and workouts during the day, then it is justified to seek relaxation in these ways. Now how do you generally coach people who chase relaxation? I guess it is legitimate to want it. Say during my work I experience regularly stress, hurry and anxiety and I allow all of them to be there, believing that nothing wrong is happening and I can still do the thing I want to do. Still if my body and mind experience this on a regular basis I also want them to experience relaxation on a regular basis. And relaxation is not just a feeling but also a sensation. So I guess that is why we choose things like food/alcool because they create that physical effect. And also netflix/youtube they work because they are distractions from more serious work/life related thoughts and in this way they create a actual physical response of distension.
So to wrap it up in these cases what do you normally suggest ?
– after allowing anxiety, work on how to generate less of it on a daily basis (still if we commit to growth and we know that growth often carries it, then we know it will just be there)
– work on the belief that nothing has gone wrong and the fact that we need to feel everyday relaxed is not necessarily true
– seek relaxation in alternative ways (suggestions?)