Release doubt

I did the exercise on p. 36 and one of my indulgent emotions is Doubt. It’s a big indulgence, especially around my business. I noticed one of the thoughts that causes this feeling. I created these models.

C: Business plans
T: I can’t have what I want
F: Doubt
A: Change my mind, rethink my plans, and go for what I think is achievable instead of what I really want.
R: Not offering anything so I can’t hit my financial goals.

C: Business plans
T: What I want is available to me.
F: Faith
A: Follow through on original plans, map out each step on my calendar, 90 days at a time
R: Take massive action

I’ve tried using models for ‘doubt’ before and they never seem to work. I even tried a bridge model, ‘I’m willing to experiment & see what happens.’ But when I tried the bridge it wasn’t strong enough to motivate me to take massive action and doubt ended up winning. Brooke mentioned that sometimes we have to run two models, the IM and the new model. Should I be running these two models so I can take more massive action? Or is there another approach to not indulge in doubt?