Releasing a money block and choosing a new money belief

I would like help with clearing a money belief + creating a new belief in my ability to make money.

C: Living pay check to pay check and currently no clients and working as substitute teacher in the day
T 1: I can’t relax or enjoy life until I have made enough money and have enough security and stability in my life
F 1 : Miserable, stressed, and resistant
A 1 : Isolate from friends, overeat, overthink on strategy to improve coaching business, and not allow myself to do anything other than work
R 1: Create feelings of misery and stress to fuel work and not earn more money

T 2: If I had money, I’d be secure and able to relax and enjoy life
F 2: Lack, anxious, desperate
A 2: Overwork, don’t sleep, check social media metrics, post to post
R 2: Not create a feeling of safety for myself, so I can’t relax enough to enjoy and do well at work and earn money

T 3: I have all the tools and done all this work, but I’m poorer than ever so I haven’t proven I can fully turn anything around
F 3: Shameful, weak, helpless
A 3: Ask God why, do coaching work to improve myself and think about giving up
R 3: Fall short in approving myself for all the great gains I have created from turning it all around (clients I have helped, instagram that has grown, live rooftop event with 9 participants etc.)

My 0 dollar thoughts feel factual in my body. If I go deeper it’s about how “I don’t have any proof I can make lots of money, so it must mean I can’t.” I am taking my R and making it a C and want to believe BEFORE I see. I would be thankful for help to release these beliefs and choose new beliefs to practice.

These are some new beliefs…
T: I have money and I am secure, so I am curious to see what helped clients and how else I can solve their problems = sufficient + curious = evaluate + serve
T: I have money and I am secure, so I am excited to hang with my friends and open to see what joy life has to offer me today = relaxed + open = hang with friends
T: have gained the greatest gift of awareness and gained access to tools creating my dream future = Answer my own questions + embrace intense desire/graspiness while adding value and offering my help = keep going with bizz