Releasing Old Thoughts

Hi coaches,

Can you please tell me more about “releasing old thoughts”. I think I’ve heard it in one of the podcasts or one of the calls. What does it look like? Can you give a visual metaphor to it?

What I’ve been doing is to have my unintentional & intentional model and since the T in the unintentional model is not serving me, I try to think of a better T that I believe in place of the old T. I’m trying to allow my feelings in the unintentional model without indulging in it. And allowing myself to pass through the river of misery by holding and believing both thoughts together (this is where the work is for me because I find it really challenging to hold conflicting thoughts in my head and trying to stir myself deliberately into believing the new thought more than the old one). There are cases I easily pass through the river of misery, but for the big thoughts, I stay quite a while and have difficulty crossing it. So I’m hoping this releasing the thought method will make it more manageable for me.

Thanks always coaches.