Releasing the outcome and being paid for a result

At my full time job I do nutrition consults by doctor referral which means insurance has approved it/paid it. I see every type of person; diabetes, feeding tubes, and weight loss, etc. I know enough most the time to offer help to the majority of my patients and I have less concern about whether or not it’s the perfect intervention because I believe I’m doing the best I can in the situation.

I try to do my best work despite them not paying for the service but I can feel I put less pressure on myself around their outcomes because it’s covered. I feel confident that I gave them all the information and it’s up to them to take action.

However when I’m out on my own in my business it’s a whole other story. Since I’m still new, I haven’t had a client long enough to say, “yes this process creates results in most clients.” I’m not confident right now that I can help my target client get results. When they pay me I create even more drama around having to get them a result and I want to become a helicopter coach, making sure they’re doing everything I say. I’m definitely making it all about me. In this scenario I start questioning my experience whereas at my job (I see it as I have less to lose there), I don’t question my credentials.

I’ve been asked to give a quick talk to athletes about sports nutrition and the services I offer. And all I keep thinking is if they hire me I don’t know if I can help them, they would be better off seeing X expert.

In my mind it feels like at my job I’m grounded or contained but when it’s my business it feels like I’m floating aimlessly. I don’t know if this makes since but it’s the best way I can describe it. I want to feel confident and secure that I can guide someone toward their goal while being unattached to their result, which I have no control over anyway!

So after that thought download my main question is as someone just starting out how can I clean up the drama around being paid for my services that are still in the beta phase. I want to transfer the confidence I have at work to my business but haven’t figured out that transition.