Relocating and starting anew while my son is in the middle of his 11th grade

We have the opportunity to relocate to FL from the countryside with my work. It is a small company (under 30 employees) but the offer to move to a place with better accesses, closer to family and culture and to work in an office with a team and executive work is truly enticing. I have been debating whether to take the plunge and pull my son or just wait until he is done but the calendar keeps going and the decision is not clearer or easier.

We are in a very limited rural area but been here 26 years and he can walk from school, people know us and we have access to solve problems with relative ease if they arise. Also rent is affordable and my emergency funds have been depleted since I have been sick and recovering for a few months. In Florida, it will all be new, but also a completely different dynamic.  How do I work through this, please?