Remembering to do the model in the moment?

Intellectually, I completely get how the model works (or at least I think I do). I also have been doing the daily thought downloads, and I find then that I can usually–but not always–fill in a model and then create an intentional one. My question is how do I do this in the moment, particularly in an instance where I have a very well established habit/pattern to how I respond/act, so well established (i.e., automatic), that–in the moment–I barely recognize it and just immediately react.

For example, I frequently end up arguing with my husband over the smallest of things. It happens so fast. I know that what I need to do is step back, but I’m having a problem catching myself in the moment. I feel like my relationship with him is the area where I have had the most difficulty doing this…

Any tips/ideas? TIA!