Remembering my new, slightly altered better thought

How do I remember my new, slightly altered thought and continue to think it in daily life? Do you have a process to help me keep thinking or integrating this thought into my daily life?

for example, I did a model around credit card debt with a thought of “debt is so bad, we have so much debt” and changed it to a thought of “I am responsible for incurring debt. I can also be responsible for managing it.” This gave me a feeling of being in charge. The possible actions are: “look at credit card statement, look at interest rate, set a minimum payment target and set a reminder to pay it each month.”. Result: Debt is at least being looked at and managed each month. – it’s not being paid off fast – but that’s function of a different model around earning more clients as well.

I am brand new to scholars, I get my first workbook next week, and I also plan to do both the money and entrepreneurship models.

My question is – how do I keep reminding myself of all the new thoughts I create using the models? I am currently writing all my models in a notebook. And circling the better thought on each page. thanks Brooke, loving the course so far and looking forward to the first month.