Removing buffers – is this how it normally goes?

My question relates to what happens when you stop buffering. This year, I’ve gradually removed my buffers – food (I lost 15 pounds), computer games, and most recently wine. I removed the wine two weeks ago and it’s gone well. I feel the urges and don’t drink. Yey!

But in the last 48 hours it feels like my emotions are greatly amplified. It may be because I’m also taking some big steps in my business. At times, I feel physically sick with the fear. Previously I’d buffer or retreat from doing the scary stuff. Anything to feel good again.

I’m doing my best to feel the feelings and move forward anyway. The urges to drink wine have also increased. So far, I’m doing a good job of feeling everything and still not drinking while taking action.

Then yesterday, something new happened. In the afternoon I felt an overwhelming desire to sleep. I lay down for a nap and was out within minutes. It was as if my brain shut down. When I woke up, I felt a little better though the physical fear is still there.

My questions:

1) Is the sleeping thing common (I haven’t heard it mentioned in Scholars before)?
2) Do the feelings ever lessen, or will I just get used to them?
3) Is there anything else I can do to help me through this journey – it’s even harder than I imagined it would be!

Thank you 😊

PS: I’m also doing models around my thoughts that are causing the fear. Mostly the thoughts are: “People will reject me if I’m too visible in my business”. I’m practicing these thoughts (which I do believe and they do help me take positive action) “My students love my program” and “My students get amazing results in my program” and “There are people in the world who desperately need what I teach.”