Removing thoughts?

Hi, I am doing the “Organize Your Life and Mind” program, and working through Week One, about thoughts. But I am wondering if I am supposed to just “dismiss” thoughts that don’t feel supportive or serving to me.

Heres what I do now:
I do a thought download on paper, and then I underline every sentence that is an actual circumstance (barely none) and then I pick the negative thought that feels most urgent or “charged” for me from that download of the day. When I’m done with my model-work (old + new model) I look at my thought download again and I go over the thought download again and ask the three questions as suggested by Brooke to decide if I want to keep each thought or not. The thoughts I do want to keep I write again in my daily journal, and then I toss out the thoughts, I don’t want to keep (the physical list with the thought download)

Am I doing it right? It feels kind of amazing to be tossing out the list of thoughts that don’t serve me, but I’m wondering if I should “process” these negative thoughts in some way, like you suggest we do our emotions. Can it be that the negative thoughts that I try to toss out, are really still there in my unconscious mind? Or do I just keep at this one day at a time, and make sure to do a model on repeating thoughts that come up again after they’ve been tossed?