Rep : Help With M’y Model

Thank you for your insights. Here are my answers :

A. why I choose to think he is not the one for me?
1. It is what I have always done when I am with a man. Each time I had a relationship with a man it had ended up.
2. Because my actual boyfriend is not exactly how I wanted even though he had a lot of things I like.

B. Why is this a problem to think that he is not the one for me?
1. Because I don’t want to be alone.
2. Because I want to be happy with a man and happy with him. If I can be happy alone and happy with him I’d rather be with him for fun and to raise a family.
3. Because maybe I am afraid because intuition is warning me against him.

C. Of what I am afraid?
1. Fear to make a mistake to be with him.
2. Fear to do not recognize an intuition.

D. Actions I am taking when I have fear?
1. Disconnection.
2. negative interpretation of some body vibrations, of his words, distance,
3. perpetuating negative thinking.

E. Actions when I feel in peace?
Positive thinking, easy access to joy, love, and acceptance, connection, no quick negative reaction.

F. When I think maybe he is the one, I truly feel peace and relief.

G. When I am thinking he is exactly the one for me with the up and the down I access to love.

What do you think? Any advice? Am on a good way. If so what must I do next? Thank you so much.