Repeat offender

My husband has been dishonest with me multiple times over the course of our marriage, the subject of the various times of deceit is not pertinent based on everything I have learned. I have really worked hard on managing my mind and when a situation arises, I change my thinking to see the dishonesty in a light that allows our relationship to progress. Sometimes I wonder if this is really healthy. I feel like a doormat that steps aside and overlooks everything just because I don’t want to carry the negativity around. This is good because I don’t feel terrible, but not good because I have not been able to change all of the thinking about the relationship in general. I do not want to be with someone who continually likes. If there is no consequence for him, why wouldn’t he keep lying? The boundary here seems out of place because I would be trying to control him by getting him not to lie (impossible to do). Any thoughts about this would be appreciated.