Replacing myself in a volunteer position – model help

Topic: I’ve made myself indispensable in a volunteer role and I want to pass it on to someone else, but having trouble finding a replacement.

Context: Am member of a running club who took on Newsletter Editor position in June 2014 because I was eager to help solve an issue they were having and implementing a solution. They did paper mailed monthly newsletters, using Publisher, and wanted to stop doing mailed newsletters to save money. I took over the job, make the newsletters into PDF format that were hosted on the club site, then a link to the pdf would be emailed monthly. I hated Publisher and the crappy pdf format and wanted to move us to HTML-based e-newsletter, so transitioned us to using a cloud-based subscription of iContact (email marketing platform) to create and mail the newsletters. (This was free for us because we are an NC non-profit and iContact is in NC and offers in-state free subscriptions for non-profits.) The newsletter looks better than ever now and the club awarded me volunteer of the year for 2017 for this change. Now that the set up is done and there’s nothing new for me to learn here, I want to pass this on to someone else. I have announced it in the newsletter and to the Board and it’s on the club website inviting people to take over the job, but no one has offered yet.

Note: I do have mad skills with this program because I used to do tech support for iContact. Although the system uses as WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get editor – i.e., you don’t have to know HTML/coding) and has templates, it’s helpful to know how to troubleshoot the email HTML and CSS when needed and do other tricks with loading contacts, etc. My replacement should be capable of either doing the stuff, or capable of learning the stuff required (which I will help them with over a couple of months). My goal is to have someone in the role by early December so I can walk them through doing January and February newsletters, then they’re on their own after that (particularly since I’ll be away most of February into early March).

Unintentional models:

C: Posted the request for new editor in November newsletter and on website; no one has responded. [Possibly already too negative and not seeing this as neutral? The “no one has responded” seems not neutral to me….]
T: I’m never going to find someone to do this because the work is too technical and detail-oriented (combination of knowing some HTML/CSS and being a decent writer/editor/grammarian).
F: Powerless
A: Buffering (reading on phone obsessively, eating snacks), avoiding all the other things I am supposed to be doing
R: I don’t find anyone to do this and I’m stuck with the job

C: Looking for a new editor to take my place.
T: I don’t know how to ask people to take this on without sounding like I’m wheedling or trying to pass on something negative, versus sharing it as an opportunity that they might enjoy
F: Paralyzed
A: Buffering (reading on phone obsessively, eating snacks), avoiding all the other things I am supposed to be doing
R: I don’t find anyone to do this and I’m stuck with the job

I want to feel empowered to take massive action, since I know that I only did the one thing (post the job) and then stopped when no one responded. The massive action will allow me to deal with my shit and grow/learn from it. Ultimately, I want to find a damn replacement who is eager to do it. But I know that the R should never be something that depends on someone else to do something (meaning, not supposed to have “found a great replacement that I train” in the R line). How do you reconcile doing massive action to accomplish the thing you want to accomplish vs. not predicting or putting in a Result in your intentional model that is dependent on someone else doing something?

A stab at the intentional model:

C: Club needs a new newsletter editor
T: This is a great opportunity for the right person who enjoys editing and would like to practice a new skill!
F: Excited!
A: Share one on one with other members and in groups to find the right person
R: ? [really want to say “find a replacement!” :-)]