Reply 5 "i’m getting better at this"

Ok, I try to find a story.

Meanwhile, I tried to feel the neutral/lack of feeling. And I imagine my bf doing something, me not feeling how I want to feel meaning neutral/lack of feeling.

And then try to feel it. But I just get to the point where I want to start crying because I’m admitting the feeling and admitting the feeling means that it’s over because who wants to always feel that way about his significant other??! And then I want to cry.

How can I overcome this scenario and go on feeling the neutral/lack of feeling?

I know I will feel better and it’s the key to feel all the great things I want to feel about him and I’m already really good at it. And I can’t wait to get there again. But meanwhile, I need and want to learn this.

Would love your advice on how I can go on with feeling the feeling without having this “meltdown.”