Reply envy

So basically you tell me that there is no reality. That i just can think whatever i want even if she feels that way and its the truth? Isn’t that naive? I mean if someone intention are different and i choose to believe otherwise.. to me its sounds like ignoring something.

I’m already in a relationship and i love him. But these randomly stupid thoughts come up that make me feel anxious and sad. That’s why when a friend of mine is really happy an content with her relationship and excited and loves her boyfriend unconditionally and has no doubt i feel so bad and anxious. And this thought always crosses my mind: omg, you don’t have a good relationship, something is off, you don’t get that excited about things when u think about your boyfriend

I just listened to a podcast from Brooke and she told something really helpful. Whenever i have a thought harms me i always say ‘i’m just thinking the thought that in have doubts about my relationship”. Its such a relief!!