reply to day three of models and thought downloads

ok, but what i’m wondering is that i often know how people feel and think. I just can feel it and that why a lot of people love talking to me and i help them. so my question is here. lets say my ex bf thinks that of me and I can feel it. i don’t want to think another thought and loose touch with reality. you know what i mean?

in my example you are right i’m maybe making that up in my head.
but there are moments when you just can feel and hear what someone is going through. (empathy’?)

i tried to to the models but i really don’t get to the point where i can seem to put in a thought that leads to the feeling i want to feel.
can you help me a bit with this?

what i wanna think about me:
i want to think myself as a compassioned, nice, generous person

thanks so much!