Reply to my last question "believing that i love him"

thanks for answerig my question believing that i love him.
so first of all i have a question to this line you wrote: “your boyfriend doesn’t actually feel your love”
but people can feel if they are loved by another person or just being critized and not loved

second, i really want to love him.
its just i don’t know how. I need some guidance here.
I think there is like a “model” of what true love is.
and sometimes i believe my positive and loving thoughts but the feeling how i should be attracted to a man and how it should feel without thinking the thoughts makes me insecure.
In my head i have this idea that when i met the perfect guy i will acceppt everything without learning to accept what i don’t like so much.
i also think that if someone is more secure and bossy i would respect him more.
does that make any sense? hahaa

sorry for the many questions you guys.

also do you think I will ever love him unconditionally? i’m scared i will never learn.

i’ve been listening to the podcast of brooke for the 9 months of travel i did around the world and it helped me so much but i wanna be really good at it. i have so many goals. but first things first: my relationship. i wanna love him unconditionally and feel attracted to him. how do i believe it?

i got inspired by the podcast on “thougts to believe ep. 225” but my peanut gets back really soon with his story about the bad thoughts of my boyfriend.
also i feel really unhappy and sad when i see my other friends talking so good and happy about their boyfriends.

thanks again for your guidance and help!

big big hug