Reporting back on my DOTD (dare of the day)

First dare today! I attended a meditation workshop this morning, and my dare was to talk about my new podcast to 5 different people there.

Fear-based model:
C: Meditation workshop
T: If I tell people about my podcast I’m going to look needy and creepy.
F: Shy, self-conscious
A: Tell people from an unsure place, mumble, fumble
R: I seem needy.

Self-confident model:
C: Meditation workshop
T: My podcast brings a ton of value to my listeners and I want to share it with as many people as I can.
F: Excited, confident
A: Tell people from a place of ease and confidence, like it’s a gift I’m giving them
R: I convey my enthusiasm for my work.

Result of my dare: I spoke and gave a card to 7 people, and also mentioned it during the group discussion.

I’m so curious to hear about other people’s dares!