Reporting back on my No-Sweets-After-Dinner Challenge

I have worked hard on adopting the thought “I don’t use food for comfort or entertainment”, writing it out several times every morning (alternating I, you, and my name as the subject).

It echoes through my mind all day whenever I need it, and it rings so true now that the urge to eat something sweet after dinner has actually disappeared. It’s been 15 successful days straight (I keep track with stickers 😁) and it feels great!

I wanted to share this in the context of me working on that particular point since joining SCS in February (!), just to offer encouragement to others who feel impatient about getting results. I am discovering that mindset shifts can be swift but also super slow-going, and like you’ve told me several times, you only fail if you stop trying. 🙂

Also, in my morning writing of this new thought today (“I don’t use food for comfort or entertainment”), it morphed into “I can sit with discomfort and boredom without seeking comfort or entertainment”. I’ve heard you say this again and again, but only this morning did I really “get it” deep within myself.

Thank you!