Repressed Emotions

As a stress management coach who incorporates a mind, body and soul approach, I have been able to use the tools, strategies, support and anchors to manage my own stress rather well or at least I thought. Over the past 7 years I have been suffering with a lot of neck and shoulder pain and have tried acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic care, etc.- all to no relief. More recently I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease (am now being treated), had an MRI that revealed structural issues (working on that too) and am undergoing orthodontic care to manage TMJ. Each of the professionals that I am working with believe that all of these factors have contributed to my pain. While managing the physical aspect I wanted to deal with the emotional connection. Over the years I have read several books on the relationship between emotions and physical manifestations and have worked with various energy healers. Recently I read the book by Dr. John Sarno on the mind body prescription and this book really resonated with me. This book has made me aware that I have a lot of repressed emotions. Where I am stuck (no pun intended) and would welcome some guidance is how to identify emotions if they are repressed?
I assume once identified I can then do the thought model?
Another idea I had was to do a thought model on repressed emotions – if I were to do that what goes in each line? Can you provide an example of what it would like?
Thanks in advance for your help.