Resenting my role as chef

I’m the cook in our household, because I’m a really great one! My family loves my cooking, and I love creating meals for us. I’ve done well preparing meals that are on protocol, and have been fine making breakfast for my family even though I am intermittently fasting, and no longer eat breakfast. However, recently I’ve made lots of “special occasion” food for houseguests, Easter, my kids’ birthdays, etc. and I found myself feeling really resentful of all the time and effort I was spending preparing food I can’t eat! I have to constantly try to manage my thoughts (with varying degrees of success) in order to not feel like I’m missing out on eating delicious food, or feel bitter about all the effort it takes to make that amazing three layer carrot cake I can’t eat. Obviously I haven’t yet mastered the desire part of this equation, as I still really WANT to eat these things! How can I continue to make food for others that I don’t eat, without feeling frustrated and resentful?