Resentment to Love

So I’ve been doing a lot of work on unconditional love for my ex…in the hope that by me doing this work I will be different with him. (Well fall in love with him again)

I’m finding it difficult to create lasting feelings in the F line for him that are positive. Even though I am changing my actions. As his reactions continue to be negative and blaming.

I’m more conscious of my thoughts both good and bad but as our situation (or circumstance) is not changing it’s hard to not go back to resentment feelings, in fact the resentment increases as I feel I am trying and doing more to change me but not able to stay in that loving place as the circumstance isn’t changing.

C – split up
T- I need to Love him unconditionally
F- hopefull
A- try not to blame , meet him where he is, be open and curious
R – he is still blaming and negative of me still

C – split up
T- he’s so selfish
F- abandoned
A- try take life on by myself but it’s hard (pregnant)
R- stuck

Brooke said she was able to turn deep resentment for her mum into love and I want this so bad. But I’m not achieving it long term so I slip back…into old thinking that he won’t ever change/ mature