Resentment toward ex employer

I was made redundant last year. Though I hated my job I felt incredibly hurt by that decision. I thought that they shouldn’t have done it because I worked so hard and gave all of me to the company. Intellectually I understood and even agreed with the decision. But emotionally it was hard to accept probably because I made it mean that I am not good enough. Or, that I have done something wrong to deserve this. There is my belief in place that “valuable and hard-working emploees don’t lose their jobs.” So I made it mean that either I was not hard-working enough or just not valued by my employer. My mind is screaming “it’s not fair.”

Now a year later after that happened I still am still angry with them and playing imaginary revenge scenarios in my head. I just can’t let it go.

But I really want to put this story behind me. My past is holding me back and I want to move forward.