Resigning from Job

I have decided to resign from my job of 6 years to become an Independent Contractor. I am excited to have 1 client to start with and add to my business along with going to Scholars in the near future to be a coach. This morning I will be turning in my resignation letter and 2-week notice. I am having so many feelings and thoughts of turning back so as not to disappoint the CFO and CEO. They depend on me a lot. I am a people pleaser and I get in my own way.

C-Resign from job
T-They will be disappointed, it will be hard to find someone to fill my position. Doing something wrong.
F-Scared, uneasy stomach, nervous
R-Start new job

My question is why do I think that I am doing something wrong by wanting to have a better opportunity? It will create a challenge to the CEO and CFO also to find someone. Thanks you very much!