Resistance to following Monday Hour One

I have been doing Monday Hour One for 5 weeks now. I noticed that the main reason I am not yet succeeding at it 100% is because there is a lot of resistance when it comes to certain tasks. For example, when I need to do an assignment for my online course, I would just sit there in front of my PC feeling miserable trying to talk myself into doing it. Then, I just give up and do something else instead. Or when it’s time to read a bunch of professional articles, I would just switch off and nap for an hour next to my reading materials. When it’s time to do tasks I actually enjoy, there is far less resistance.

Maybe I should look into taks I am procrastnating on and see where the resistance is coming from.

C I am not doing my assignment in the allocated time in my schedule
T I don’t want to do it
F Resisting
A Buffering, pushing myself and feeling more resistance, beating myself up for not doing it, thinking when will I do it instead and dreading the task
R The assignment is not done.

Alternative model

C I am not doing my assignment in the allocated time in my schedule
T I can do this assignment in my downtime even if I don’t feel like doing it. (Next time, I’ll try to get things done in the allocated time. It takes practice.)
F Focused
A Do the assignment
R The assignment is done. Next time I procrastinate on my task, I will write down a model to see what causes resistance.

Is that the way to make myself do things I don’t want to do or is there any other tricks?