Resistance to making it easy

I’ve been making my weightloss difficult those past few days by deciding I didn’t want to make any effort, that it was too much, that I was tired, that I wanted it to be easy… thus resisting my self-created thought that “it is difficult”, which is a lie of course.
C – weightloss
T – I want it to be easy
F – resistance
A – I overeat, I spin thoughts in my head of how difficult it is and how unfair it is and how it should be easy
R – I’m making it difficult
Emotional childhood! And at the same time, even if I’m aware I could make it easy because it’s just a thought and I know exactly what to do, I’ve been resisting that too. I’ve just understood why: I’m thinking that making it easy now would mean, to me, that I’ve been silly to make it so difficult for the last 30 years, as if it would invalidate, annihilate my past. But I don’t have to think that way. So I’m choosing to think that I didn’t know I could make it easy before, now I do. What a relief!
C – weightloss
T – I didn’t know how to make it easy before but now I do
F – relieved
A – I look for evidence that it is now easy for me, I remember kindly how I didn’t know before
R – I reach my goal weight easily
What are your thoughts on this?