Resistance to Self-Confidence

This week I started a new goal and focus around self-confidence. Specifically, I’m focusing on self-confidence in my job, but, of course, I believe it will spill over into other areas of my life.

It has been interesting to witness the resistance I have been feeling to this topic. I’m having trouble sleeping (my mind won’t shut off), I’m not motivated to do my self-scholars coaching, my brain throws up all sorts of roadblocks into why the self-confidence homework is a waste of time and my whole body just feels like it’s resisting something. (This is completely opposite to the last month when I was focusing on time management and felt on fire putting in the work.) I’m working on just observing what is happening in my mind and body and staying curious. When I do a thought download to try to uncover what might be going on, the flood of self-critical thoughts is easy to come by and evident why I would be feeling crappy. It’s almost like my brain is working double time to keep me in self-criticism.

I think based on the amount of resistance I’m feeling, I’m onto something good. I’m ready to go through the river of misery to get to the other side to a new identity I can be proud of. I’m trying to find self-confident thoughts I can use to respond to the immediate self-critical thoughts. But I don’t want to use those to mask what I am feeling now. I also don’t want to indulge in the self-criticism. Because, Brain, that’s not how we’re going to think anymore. I would love any feedback or tips on how to work through this slump to stay the course!