Hi Brooke!
I feel exhausted to be experiencing resistance in many areas of my life (see my previous question about compelling reason for weight loss). One of those is disciplining myself to create and stick to office hours and actually put my butt to work in my home office.
I waste an unacceptable amount of time before actually starting, and buffer daily between food, shopping, tv, reading, “consuming” rather than producing, etc. When I finally do, I know I can hustle like the best of them – the problem is in making the effort, starting and being consistent.
I had relistened to podcast #47 and you have some great ideas there.
There are 2 points I am reflecting on and for which I’d like your comments/feedback :

1. I WANT this job to feel good. Since it is something I chose, and based on my passion and what I like, I sort of desire and expect myself to have a “flow” in doing the work, wake up and be ispired to create and hustle. I was so good/efficient at my previous office job (even though I did not like the job at all), so why should I struggle in doing work I love? The problem is I don’t want to feel discomfort in this area, but obvioulsy the end result is I’m super uncomfortable for all the things I procrastinate and don’t do according to plan. So there’s that. I think I’m operating through a thought error like:

C: There’s work to do to make my business grow
T: If my passion becomes a “job”, it becomes a struggle
F: resistance and heaviness when I think of doing my work
A: Procrastinate and resist doing the work, or doing the work begrudgingly
R : my business is a struggle for me

I could change it to:
C: There’s work to do to make my business grow
T: This is my life’s work and I was born for this
F: Excited and driven to work on my business
A: Do my daily work no matter what
R : Succeed

2) Deep down I am afraid to succeed in my business on some level. I don’t find any other explanation for my resistance. But when I ask myself why, I can’t seem to find an answer/thought that rings 100% true. I imagine the root lies in my subconscious associations with success/money etc. What is the most effective way to find those associations and motives? Rationally, I have looked at this from all angles. Or rather than finding the “a-ha” sabotaging thought, is it just more effective to work on building new supporting thoughts instead?

Ps. I may have decided that I want my compelling reason for weight loss to be: show Brooke what I’ve done at the May Mastermind. watch out 🙂

Thanks for all you do