Resistant to Diet Mentality

I recently joined Scholars with my main goal to lose weight. I have an eating disorder history (binging and food guilt) so I found myself feeling a lot of resistance when I even think about cutting certain food group from my diet. Long story short, I have not even been able to get myself to start with creating and sticking to a protocol. I just don’t even know where to start. I know this is just my brain talking and not necessarily true, but I find myself craving certain food even more if I take it out of my diet, and the cravings get so bad that eventually I just give in and go to the groceries to buy things I’m not supposed to have (flour and sugar). Any tips on how to reduce the resistance and get my brain to work with me? I would trick myself thinking that it’s okay to eat what I want to eat at the time, but I would feel so frustrated and regretful after I’ve eaten it. This is causing a vicious cycle of negative self image and lack of trust in myself.