Resisting, allowing, or giving in

I set a goal to eliminate sugar and flour for 6 weeks then reintroduce as a joy eat once a week. Yesterday I was very sick and had a painful ear ache and migraine. Taking care of my kids and dealing with the pain had my brain freaking out telling me we can’t handle this we need to get some sugar, this is too much.
I noticed I was having these thoughts and I was able to go through the day sticking to the plan. At night however I thought the though, screw it, I’m in too much pain I need some relief and had the feeling of strong desire and ate tiramisu.
I did some thought down loads and models today and I have a question.
If my action is overeating from a feeling of strong desire does this provide evidence that I was in resistance all day rather than allowing the urge? Or did I just stop allowing the urge? I know that my thought in the evening was more intense and I believed what my Brian was telling me- that it was too much, although I wonder now in the morning what I could have done differently. I’m not sure how to feel such intense sensations and feelings.