Resisting Feeling Emotion – Crying

Yesterday I had bad news at the doctors. The emotion I picked for the day was to be strong but realizing now it bit me in the ass. I resisted crying after I left the doctor’s and ended up picking up a muffin on the way home and eating my body weight in food when I got home. It is so obvious to me that the only reason I was eating was comfort. This is not a typical response for me to overindulge in food but it has been recently. I am now trying to understand why I would even resist crying. In my head, I was thinking I just need to be in a place where no one can see me to cry even my husband. It was almost like crying would feel good but I would save it for a place where I could indulge in it. This really sounds so strange even to me. How can I avoid this in the future? Why is crying so bad? I believe the feeling I was resisting was sadness and shame.