Resisting joy eats

I understand the logic behind scheduling joy eats and not answering urges in order to decrease desire for sugar/flour, but my prefrontal cortex absolutely refuses to schedule a joy eat since it’s not conducive to weight loss. I have gotten pretty good at sitting with my urges (I peacefully watched my husband and two sons share a Dairy Queen sundae that I really wanted last weekend), but I occasionally answer those urges (beer and pizza last night). The argument that I have with myself is that if I’m going to follow my protocol 90% of the time, I may as well really enjoy my joy eating by doing it when the urge is strong rather than taking all the fun away by planning it ahead of time (I realize the whole point is to take the fun away!). So I scheduled a joy eat for tomorrow: a pint of Halo Top ice cream at 3 pm. I feel guilty about it already. It feels reckless like planning to drink and drive. I guess I don’t actually have a question; I just wanted to share my adult tantrum with you all.