Resisting Junk Food

I love to cook. I love food. I love eating good food. I love knowing what I’m putting in my body. I try to stay away from unhealthy food such as sweets, chips, candy, etc. I rarely bring junk food into my home.

My boyfriend on the other hand, from time to time, will bring a bunch of junk food home. He’ll go visit his mom and she’ll give him a bunch of snacks. He’ll go to the grocery store and bring extra snacks home for me as a sweet gesture (in his mind). I’ve kind of told him I don’t want to eat junk food anymore, but I know, whether it’s him bringing it, or me just being out in the world, I’m always going to eventually have junk food at my disposal.

I would really love to just lose the appetite for it. I always regret eating it. It’s always an impulse decision. I’ll usually tell myself no for an extended period of time then at the last minute just devour it. I’d love to stop doing this 🙂

Unintentional model
C- cravings/junk food
T- I have control until I don’t
F- powerless
A- give in to the craving, eat the junk, tell myself I want it, allow myself to have it, acting on impulse, I don’t listen to future me
R- eat the junk and feel bad about it (cycle repeats)

Intentional model
C- cravings/junk food
T- I’ve had enough of this to last a lifetime
F- content
A- not act on impulse, ask myself if I’m actually hungry or could use a snack, remind myself it’s ok to want those things, be kind to present and future me
R- follow my protocol and eat with intention