Resisting Work

I have resisted work since I graduated from college more than 20 years ago. I have always felt that work takes away from the things I’d rather be doing, like sitting around contemplating life, drawing, painting, dancing, just spending time in solitude. Work seems like a series of ever escalating demands and the demands of an employer have always felt intrusive to me, like having to show up at certain times or work until a certain time. For me, the only thing an employer should care about is if the work gets done and nothing else. I’ve always had desk jobs, so having to work shifts or provide services to the public has never been a part of my work life. I know that these thoughts and attitudes keep me from progressing in work, and I want to change it.

C: Work requires certain tasks be performed in exchange for money
T: They demand too much from me
F: Resentment
A: Procrastinate, take more time to finish a task than it should take, continually berate myself for not working faster so I can have more time to myself, feel bored by the tasks
R: Make work take longer than it should

C: Same
T: Work can be more pleasant
F: Curious
A: Think about what I like about work and look forward to doing it, think that I enjoy providing my value and services to my employer
R: Feel more enthusiastic about work

I would like feedback on additional ways to work with the resistance I’m feeling toward work.