Resources for creating a personal calendar and time management

Hi, Brooke! I’ve listened to your podcast for years, and I’m new to Scholars as of this month and am utterly thrilled about the amount of value you’ve packed into this. Thank you!

Do you have any resources — either podcast or something within one of the assets here — re: setting up a personal calendar that supports working toward goals, as well as time management? Personally, through the years, I’ve toggled back and forth between calendaring *everything* in my life (almost down to every waking hour) and calendaring *nothing* except for external appointments like meetings and doctor’s visits. I’m entering a new season where I’m serious about making progress on some personal goals including fitness, fiction writing, and stabilizing my finances, and I think I may need to bring some more rigor into how I use my time to meet these goals. Thanks in advance for any resources you can point me to, or quick guidance you can offer!