Resources for feeling more connected

Can you recommend some podcasts or call recordings on the topic of creating better connection / relationships
/ self esteem?

I loved the How to Not be Shy podcast for example and I joined scholars specifically for Brook’s new relationship content. I also struggle with self esteem and relationships and I know that how I think about myself influences how I feel about reaching out to connect with others.

I had a really strong reaction to the IDEA of a 90 day relationship, specifically the thought that at the end of 90 days something good would be taken away and I couldn’t keep it and the feeling of loss and abandonment, so I clearly have some work there. Also the concept that loving someone else is a thing you do for yourself (you’re the one that benefits from it) is a new thought/belief for me.

Sharing these specific T/F’s in hopes that might help with recommendations that address these specifics?