Resources for How to be in a Relationship with a Narcissist

I have a close sibling who is a narcissist. I love them dearly, and I have made the conscious decision to keep them in my life, even though this is very hard.

I know they cannot change, and I am trying to change myself to be able to handle being in a relationship with them. Unfortunately, I have been a long standing source of their narcissistic supply and the focus of their narcissistic injury.

The patterns we are in are textbook….if they are not 100% at the center of my attention, if I see other family, have other friends, or do not do exactly as they want/say/demand, they are so wounded and react so uncontrollably that it is really hard for me or other family to be around them.

As I have been learning about boundaries and taking care of myself through the LCS, not surprisingly their behavior has escalated. Many of my 1:1 coaching sessions have been about this relationship, choosing to love them through their mental health issues, and trying to quell my fear, anxiety, guilt, resentment, and rage.

Are there any specific public or private podcasts about dealing with personality disorders and/or narcissists? Is this addressed in any of the relationship courses in the Vault? Any favorite books or other resources on the topic? Thanks so much for any advice.