Resources supporting fat consumption and cardiovascular health?

Do you have any suggestions for resources/research that indicate that dietary fat does not contribute to cardiovascular disease? (In addition to Taubes.) I am working my way through the weight materials. I don’t need to lose weight (5-3/114 lbs) and have for a long time intuitively eaten what is “protocol” until after supper. Then I consume more sugar than I believe is healthy, and as I eliminate sugar, I have had the thought that I might “tip the scales” towards heart disease by adding fat.

Plenty of evidence re the fat and insulin regulating aspect. Maybe that is the focus re protocol?

I realize that you refer people to their medical provider for specific recommendations. Just curious if cardiovascular research re fats came up in your reading and off the top of your head you have resource suggestions. I skew towards Fact Finder. 🙂 Thanks and Merry Solstice and Christmas!