Respect the rules

Hi Brooke,
I had a 10 min tutoring call. We found that I need to work on this question; why I am worried about people need to respect the rules.
This is my initial model:
C: my coworker makes my boss fool
T: I need to tell the truth to my boss.
He is not allowed to do this.
I am responsible for it.
F: upset, worried, defensive
A: work hard to show him, I am right.
Tell my boss the truth
R: battling n endless manipulation

I want to know how I can change my beliefs about respecting the rules .
Should I ignore him ?
He is bringing more his family to get hired here n do the same system all together.
It happened to me several times which I changed my job. But now I couldn’t change my job.
I don’t know how I can put my boundaries n get a long with them!