Responding to criticism I disagree with

I just got the first suggested edits on something I did from a new content editor. I’ve never had an issue with any editor’s suggestions before, but this girl went to town and over absolutely ridiculous shit. Imagine a 400 page book you’ve got to fix and in just the first two pages she’s got 16 really petty comments about stuff that couldn’t possibly matter (like complaining about the fact that someone has a napkin crumpled in his hand, or referring to something as a cliche that is absolutely not a cliche). I’m not entirely sure why I’m so pissed off because it’s not like there’s some piece of me that thinks she’s right. Generally when I get edits my thought is “oh wow, yeah, I should have caught that” and I’m grateful. I feel like I can say pretty objectively that every single suggestion she made is asinine. Also, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to wade through 400 pages of this nonsense. She’s only done three chapters. It would be easy enough for me to say “hey thanks, but I’m looking for more of a general commentary”. The problem is that I’m pissed (no idea why, really) and also I AM paying her so what I really want to say is “give me the general commentary and mention issues you find if they aren’t fucking ridiculous” but I can’t exactly say that.