Response to: Fear of public speaking

I think this might be two models in one… But here’s what I have.

To myself: “What makes you think that anything you are saying matters?” Nothing makes me special so I may as well not say anything. It’s not mean it’s just a fact that if I didn’t say anything then someone else would most likely say the same thing. There’s nothing important in what I bring to the “table”. It also applies to my idea of becoming a coach: There is no reason why someone should come to me and not someone else. There are a million coaches, a million people doing my job and any of them could help this person get to the same result.

And, when I go a bit deeper, it’s the idea that people will FOR SURE judge me. At all times. I am paralyzed to create a new life for myself because of other people’s opinions (so stupid, I know).

C – I am going to speak in front of people
T – I have nothing relevant to add that someone else couldn’t say. They will judge & dislike me and are waiting for me to f*ck up.
F – Insecure & nervous
A – Shaky, nervous, embarrassed
R – Make myself small, scattered thoughts, heart beating hard, incoherent message
On Purpose
C – I am going to speak in front of people
T – I am equal to these people and have every right to be here. No one is judging me, they love me and want to hear what I have to say.
F – Confident, Positive
A – Relax, speak clearly, believe in myself
R – Success