Response to Model on Detox

Even though I have the awareness that I don’t control myself, I still continue to do it anyway. So the more I don’t control it, the more disappointed I feel that I am slowing down the detoxification by eating food.

The reason I chose to detox is to help increase my energy level, sustain a healthier lifestyle by eating clean and to improve my overall health.

I am on week 9 of the program and I haven’t been following it 100%. I’m not sure how to stay determined when I am feeling the urge.

It just hit me, I should use the urge jar in this instance!

C – 14-Weeks Herbal Detox program
T – I do have the power to not give into my urges
F – Determined
A – Eat fruits or vegetables when I feel an urge to eat foods outside the protocol
R – I control my urges and my body is properly detoxing itself